Release date : December 01, 2017 Rating : 3.25/5

Director : B. V. S. Ravi

Producer : Krishna

Music Director : S. Thaman

Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Pirzada, Prasanna

BVS Ravi who inspired everybody with his writing abilities turned director with the film Wanted yet it failed. After taking a long gap, he is presently back with his second directional with Mega Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej, who is waiting for a success. Look at the review of the film here.


Story: Jai (Sai Dharam Tej) and Keshav (Prasanna) are friends since childhood. Keshav is attracted to violence and joins hands with terrorists. Jai gets a position at DRDO. On the opposite side, Keshav wants to take Octopus Missile from DRDO and begins threatening Jai that he will slaughter his relatives if Jai neglects to help him. What is Octopus Missile? What did Jai do to spare his relatives? frames whatever is left of the story of the film.


Performance : so far, Sai Dharam Tej has demonstrated his romantic side on screen. By taking motivation from his uncles Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, Sai Dharam has possessed the capacity to gain fans. But with Jawaan, he is moved out of his usual range of familiarity. Sai Dharam Tej is improvising his skill from film to film. He is surely going to be the next big actor in the film industry. SDT acted within his limits and did well in the emotional scenes. Prasanna Kumar is good as a villain in the film but the makers failed to utilise and elevate him completely. His performance is good. Mehreen is the glamour asset for the movie. She is at her usual best and impressed with her looks. The other actors like Subba Raju, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Satyam Rajesh, Nagababu and others are good in their limited roles and did their best.


Technical aspects: Production values are average but the camera work was decent. Locations chosen for the film are quite new and look good on screen. Lyrics of the songs are pretty nice and so was Thaman’s music. Editing is apt and looks neat. BVS Ravi, has put in some weak way to deal with the film. Despite the fact that he has composed the storyline great, his execution is worse than average. There is nothing extraordinary to say about in the film as a decent succession is trailed by some senseless and exhausting components. He has neglected to create the depth which a patriotic film needs and showed the film in only a normal note.


Final verdict: The film’s main point is good and inspiring. The creators have great plot around the point that they needed to tell. The action sequences are great in the film and the composition is great in parts. The writer in Ravi overwhelmed the director in him. The runtime of the film which is less is the real favorable thing for the picture. All things considered, the film could be pacy and the producers have compromised in some scenes. On the whole, Jawaan is the story of a man who fights for his nation. Though the storyline of the film is good, it is the half-baked execution which leaves a lot to be desired. Things are left to Sai Dharam Tej’s brilliant performance and he single-handedly rallies the film till the end.

Audience Rating